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Natural Handmade Laundry Soap

My Sister 2 uses the finest oils and ingredients to make our handmade natural soaps and bath products.

Now we are able to offer the same natural care for your laundry. Imagine ... you use only 1 tablespoon per load and getting sparkling clean clothing every time. And it is biodegradeable.  That makes it good for the environment.  Notice SOAP not detergent!

My Sister 2 Natural Laundry Soap safely removes soil and stains without harming the fabrics. You will not need to use bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets or other additives. If you really want to use any of them, you can do so without compromising the cleaning power of our Natural Laundry Soap, but some additives can cause the fibers of your fabrics to break down. Think of the money you will save in additives alone!

Another plus is that if you don't get a load put into the dryer until later in the day (or the next morning - the voice of experience is speaking here!) your laundry will not have a musty smell. How wonderful is that?

After your laundry has been washed a couple of times, you will begin to notice there is less lint in the dryer lint trap. This is because My Sister 2 Natural Laundry Soap does not break down the fiber of your fabrics like detergent does, leaving more life in the fabrics, reducing fading and allowing your clothes to last longer and look better.

My machine is a high efficiency model and the salesman (also owner of the store) said it was a great product to use.  There is very little sudsing (suds don't do anything anyway!) and it takes very little - only one tablespoon.

A one pound package will wash approximately 52 loads of laundry. That's about 15 cents per load. You save all the way around!

I will occasionally put about 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the softener dispenser in my machine (something has to clean the dispenser out now and then!).  I usually do this with a large load of jeans or other very heavy fabrics.  They seem to toss better in the dryer and dry a little faster.  Maybe it's my imagination, but I have the softest jeans, towels and everything else anywhere (except for my customers).

If something has gotten a bad stain, you can make a solution with one tablespoon Natural Laundry Soap and warm (or cold) water, depending on the stain.  Rub the fabric or use a brush and the solution in the pan to scrub the stain gently and let it soak in the pan for a few minutes.  Then dump the article, water, soap and all into the washing machine with like-colored materials and wash as usual.  You do not need to add more Natural Laundry Soap if you put the mixed solution into the machine. 

I have occasionally used a spray on stain remover, partly because I had them from before I developed our Natural Laundry Soap, and partly from force of habit after many years of using such things.  But I haven't bought any in several years.  I feel better now that I don't have to buy those things and so do my clothes and the environment!  I wouldn't trade my Natural Laundry Soap for any detergent in the world.  And you won't either, once you use it!

Our customers have reported excellent stain removal and longer life for their clothing. Safe for all the types of washers we have tested.

1 pound package just $ 8.00, washes approximately 52 loads!

5 pound package is $40, washes approximately 260 loads!

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